Photo: Minseong Kim from Wikimedia Commons.

MIAMI – The low-cost airline HK Express (UO) has announced today that it will now resume flight operations on August 2 due to travel restrictions imposed in various Asian Pacific territories.

Having revised its resumption plans, UO postpones again its return to the skies expected for July.

As its network encompasses Asian Pacific destinations of which governments have not lifted travel limitations, the Hong Kong-based airline said today that it would gradually resume its schedule in August.

Since March, the airline has extended its flight suspensions month by month.
Photo: Anna Zvereva from Wikimedia Commons.

Unspecified flight plans for August

The company did not specify which destinations will be available first from August 2; instead, it stated that these announcements will be subject to market developments with schedule adjustments in its network.

For affected passengers, UO will continue to provide flexibility on travel changes related with date, route or refunds on or before August 31.

During the pandemic, CX has have a collapse in passenger revenue to 1% from normal levels.
Photo: Clement Alloing.

Situation of the airline inside its owner group

As its owner company, Cathay Pacific (CX), UO suspended flights in March due to the spread of the pandemic.

During the following months, the Hong Kong-based airline said that its RPM had been seriously decreased.

As a consequence, the Government of Hong Kong gave CX an injection of US$5.03bn in recapitalization financing in exchange for a minority stake in the company.

While both carriers expect to gradually resume their capacity this Summer, CX and its subsidiaries will have financial government support to maintain afloat until their return to normal levels.