United Airlines Pilot. Photo: UA

MIAMI — United Airlines pilots have ratified a two-year extension to the United Pilot Agreement (UPA). The agreement provides substantial improvements and an extended period of stability for both the carrier and the pilots.

“This extension provides further momentum for United as we work together with the shared purpose of making United the best airline for our employees and customers,” said Oscar Munoz, president and CEO of United. “I want to recognize the efforts of both ALPA’s and United’s negotiating teams. Their hard work enabled us to achieve this ratified contract extension more than a year ahead of the amendable date.”

Over 90 percent of the 10.569 pilots voted in the ratification, which was approved with 79 percent of the cast votes. The agreement runs through January 2019 and covers United’s +12,000 pilots.

“This agreement recognizes our integral role in making United Airlines a world class airline and acknowledges our commitment to helping make United the airline of choice for business and leisure travelers.” said Captain Jay Heppner, Chairman of the United Master Executive Council (MEC). “Our pilot group is among the most talented and experienced in the airline business, and now they are compensated accordingly.”

This agreement provides increases in compensation, putting United pilots at the top of the industry. It also restores pay and vacation value to previously furloughed pilots, besides enhancing the scheduling rules for long-haul flights.

“We were able to achieve this ratified contract extension more than a year ahead of the amendable date of the prior contract, which underscores our commitment to getting timely, competitive deals done for our employees” said Howard Attarian, Senior Vice President, Flight Operations. “We will now work together with ALPA to outline a plan for implementing the contract extension, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed along the way.”