MIAMI – In less than two months, United Airlines (UA) will stop providing change flexibility to passengers who booked flights on the Boeing 737 MAX. 

On February 11, the airline re-entered the Boeing 737 MAX into service. Customers who booked 737 MAX flights have received complimentary adjustments since that time. The adjustment also applied to customers who may have purchased a ticket for a flight that wasn’t originally classified as a MAX, but whose aircraft may have been modified once the type took to the air again.

Airlines have traditionally allowed passengers to make free adjustments as part of the confidence-building process for the aircraft. Notably, most passengers seem not to be mindful of the plane they’re flying on, and only a small percentage do appear to want to stay off the MAX.

United Airlines Boeing 737MAX Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

No Significant MAX-Customer Issues

Now, if UA places a Boeing 737 MAX on one’s route within a week of a booked flight, one will either have to fly the plane or face a financial loss. In February, the carrier was the second US airline to return the 737 MAX – almost two months after a 737 MAX fleet was unlocked by competitor American Airlines (AA) following the recertification of the type by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

After a 23 months’ absence from the sky since its worldwide suspension in March 2019, the first UA 737 MAX flight departed from Denver International Airport (DEN). UA operates about 2,000 flights with the MAX every month and no significant customers problems related to the type have occurred.

Featured image: United Boeing 737 MAX9. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways