MIAMI — Today, United Airlines announced a new Amazon Alexa skill for customers which is going to be able to check in, as well as provide information about flight status and onboard amenities without the touch of a finger. This innovative addition makes the carrier the first in the U.S. to offer the Amazon Alexa experience.

Alexa is an intelligent individual assistant developed by Amazon, which was made popular by Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot, with the capabilities of voice interaction, music playback, setting alarms and to-do lists, providing weather and real-time traffic, streaming podcasts, and much more.

The United skill allows the airline clients to use their Alexa-enable devices, such as the previously mentioned, to ask a variety of questions about their flights, and amenities onboard, such as, “Alexa, ask United what is the status of my flight to San Francisco?” and “Alexa, ask United does United flight 869 have power outlets?” Likewise, once a customer MileagePlus account is connected with Alexa, he or she will be able to check in for upcoming U.S. domestic flights using the command, “Alexa, ask United to check me in.”

Further related kinds of questions to ask can be found when setting up the United skill in the Alexa app, available for iOS and Android users.

Praveen Sharma, vice president of digital products and analytics at United said:

“Every day we connect nearly 400,000 customers to business meetings, loved ones, and new adventures. Introducing the new skill to check in and receive flight information with Alexa is an innovation that gives our customers extra time to prep for a business meeting, play with their children or relax as they get ready for their upcoming flight.”

With the United skill for Amazon Alexa, United Airlines restates its dedication to innovation and providing a smoother travel experience for its customers, by giving information about their flights via Alexa, on the United app -with more than 29 million downloads- as well as online at United or at the airport.