MIAMI – In a joint letter, a number of aviation associations, including the VNC, the largest union for Cabin Crew in Holland, objected to the European Commission against the requirements that the Dutch State sets as conditions for aid to KLM.

The state aid package is pending the the approval of the European Commission.

KLM Boeing 777-300ER PH-BVA. Photo: ©Alvin Man

Government Illegal infringement

According to the unions, the mandatory conditions of employment are particularly contradictory to treaties such as those of the International Labor Organization (ILO). These treaties state, among other things, that social partners must be able to negotiate collective labor agreements freely, without any government interference.

The social consultation partners are in no way involved in the realization of the current aid package, despite repeated requests from both KLM and the government.

However, the VNC says the conditions imposed by the Dutch government are undeniably interventions in legally valid collective labor agreements and the employment conditions laid down therein, which have been agreed in all three areas.

According to the unions, there is therefore an unauthorized violation of international agreements and regulations, which are endorsed by all 27 member states of the European Union.

KLM Airbus A330-200 PH-AOF. Photo: ©Alvin Man

KLM Staff Contribution

Although the letter objects to the mandatory conditions imposed by the Dutch State, it also points out that the unions are aware of the particularly difficult situation in which KLM finds itself and the willingness of the personnel to contribute to the recovery of the company.

However, this has so far always been in close consultation with the unions and they, therefore, call for joint efforts to find appropriate solutions.

Featured image: KLM Airbus A330-303 PH-AKD. Photo: ©Kaden Chang