MIAMI – Ukraine International Airlines (PS) has announced an expanded route network for July and August. The move comes after border crossing terms for Ukrainians were relaxed, allowing for tourist travel.

The Ukrainian government has divided departure points into two zones, where passengers originating from a red zone nation will be required to remain under mandatory 14-day quarantine upon their arrival.

Passengers originating from green zones will not undergo any sort of isolation or observation, says the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Increased Domestic Flight Frequencies

The airline announced in its statement what its plans are for domestic travel for the coming months, and they are a bit sporadic.

For July, the carrier will operate one way flights from Kyiv to Odessa, Lviv, and Kherson once a week each Friday. The flights will return on Sunday, with PS claiming that this model will aid in developing domestic weekend tourism.

For August, only the Kyiv – Odessa route will see any changes, with flights to Odessa departing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The return legs will operate on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The second half of the month will bring an additional flight, which will depart Thursday and return Friday.

International Increases

Ukraine International will be adding back in a smattering of flights from its international network for July and August, though none with daily service as of yet.

Starting July, the carrier plans to operate flights to Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai, Larnaca, Athens, London, and Toronto. These flights will all originate from Kyiv, though Istanbul and Tel Aviv will also be served from Odessa.

As of the airline’s August plans, PS is aiming to add even more destinations, naming Nice, Rome, Baku, Berlin, Milan, Prague, Yerevan, Chisinau, Madrid, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Barcelona.

These routes will be served two to three times a week, but PS stated that they will update flights and frequencies throughout the summer to meet demand.

Increased Heath and Safety Measures

As with all airlines these days, Ukraine International Airways has ensured that the health and safety of passengers and Crew is their top priority.

Therefore, the airline has implemented several new protocols for mitigating risk surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, as outlined in the video below: