MIAMI – Uganda Airlines (UR), after signing an agreement with Airbus for two Airbus A330-800 on April 8 last year, unveiled their new cabin today. It was the second airline to receive the -800neo version, after Kuwait Airways (KU), the type’s main user.

The Airbus A330-800 is the successor to the Airbus A330-200, although they maintain the same fuselage length. It can accommodate 6 more passengers, for a total of 252 passengers. This version has a range of 13,900km and received certification from EASA on February 13, 2020.

The type is fitted with new Rolls Royce engines, precisely the Trent 7000s that replace the Trent 772Bs of the CEO family. The total power goes from 289 to 324kn.

Uganda Airlines first Airbus A330-800neo. Photo: Onemileatatime

Economy and Premium Economy

As mentioned by Atcnews, the aircraft will have a capacity of 210 passengers with a configuration equal to 2-4-2, and feature adjustable headrests finished in leather and IFE screens at every seat.

Uganda Airlines A330-800Neo Economy Class. Photo: Uganda Airlines

All the entertainment system will be provided by Inflight Dublin, the largest multimedia content provider in Africa. Recently signed a 5-year contract to provide IFE to Uganda Airlines which will include Hollywood Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Box Sets.

Uganda premium economy class. Photo: courtesy Atcnews

Uganda Airlines also offers Premium Economy service in a separate cabin, with a 2-3-2 configuration and a total of 28 seats.
Plus there will be more legroom, and larger IFE displays.

Uganda Airlines Premium Economy class. More space for the leg and IFE display bigger than economy class. Photo: courtesy ATCnews.

Business Class

The business class has only 20 seats, but in terms of color and finish, it is gorgeous. As mentioned by Simpleflying, the Opal is a capable business class product, designed for a 1-2-1 configuration with a standard pitch of 40.5”.

Its staggered arrangement allows for a bed of 76.5”, but there’s flexibility here. While the seats get an extra inch of pitch, passengers get an extra two inches of bed length.

Business class on-board of new Uganda Airlines A330-800neo. Photo: Courtesy ATCNews

Where It Will Fly?

Uganda said the departure destinations for the newcomer will be London, Dubai and Guangzhou. These routes are a crucial change for the company, which will be the first airline to fly out of Uganda in 18 years.

The first route to launch will be Entebbe (EBB) to London Heathrow (LHR), which will begin in early 2021. Mumbai will be added as the second neo arrives in Uganda.

Uganda Airlines (UR), the country’s largest airline, was founded on January 30, 2018. It began flight operations on August 28, 2019.

Uganda Airlines firmed up its order for two Airbus A330-800Neo April 8, 2019 . Photo: Airbus

Featured image; Uganda Airlines’ new business class Airbus A330-800neo. Photo: Uganda Airlines