MIAMI – Having received a £600m government loan package, easyJet (U2) will also have no environmental conditions according to last year’s meeting with the Transport Secretary. However, the airline will maintain its green position.

Freedom of Information requests filed by a Greenpeace-led investigation team reveals that the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, told U2 CEO, Johan Lundgren that the government wanted to be seen as pro-aviation; thus, green taxes would not be levied on airlines.

easyJet’s green position amid Europe’s tax-free financing

According to Transport & Environment, Carbon Market Watch and Greenpeace data, airlines in the continent would be able to receive over £22.7b in taxpayers’ money without environmental conditions attached as part of the COVID-19 government bailout packages.

Currently, Lundgren uses the meeting with Shapps as a case to denounce Europe’s plans to levy green taxes on companies. He added that these taxes would take money away from the company’s plans to advance low-carbon tech innovations.

However, U2 would set up its own sustainability targets according to a “gold standard” carbon offsetting and research and development of electric airplanes, reported The Guardian.

“We recognize we have a responsibility to minimize the impact of our flights and so are focused on both operating efficiently now and on the development of electric aircraft in the future,” said a U2 spokesperson.

“Since the technological solution is not yet available, in the interim we offset carbon emissions from the fuel used for all of our flights on behalf of all of our customers,” added the British news outlet.