LONDON —  Turkish Airlines has today taken delivery of the first A321neo in Cabin Flex configuration out of the Airbus facility in Hamburg, Germany.

This complements the current A320 family. The Cabin Flex configuration on this aircraft adds modifications to the fuselage and enables configurations for up to 240 passengers.

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For Turkish Airlines, they will operate this aircraft with 182 seats, featuring 20 in Business and 162 in Economy respectively.

The most visible modifications on the A321neo Cabin Flex are a new rear section and a modified passenger door configuration, where the door located forward of the wing is removed and new overwing emergency exits in the center section are installed instead.

The A321neo in Cabin Flex is an option today and from 2020 will become standard for all A321neos.

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The Cabin Flex configuration is also the base variant for the A321LR.

The A321LR itself has an increased Maximum Take Off Weight of 97 tonnes and a third underfloor fuel tank allowing airlines to increase their range by up to 4,000 nautical miles.

The A321neo has over 1,900 orders to date and offers customers fuel reductions of at least 15% per seat from day one and up to 20% by 2020.

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The Cabin Flex configuration allows Turkish Airlines to add more capacity if they need it on their aircraft for certain busy flights. They could remove the Business Class element and offer low fares on Economy flights potentially.

They could remove the Business Class element and offer low fares on Economy flights potentially.

The Cabin Flex configuration for THY may also benefit them in the sense that they may want to upgrade their aircraft to the long-range variants down the line, potentially offering transatlantic and more long-haul flights from smaller and more cheaper variations of jet aircraft.