MIAMI – With the imminent resumption of flights worldwide, Turkish Airlines (TK) will implement hygiene experts and kits as part of new inflight services.

The measures will be effective both on domestic and international flights as the carrier expects to sequentially resume operations starting this month. Further, TK released new guidelines for safe passengers travel before, during and after a trip.

New hygiene kits and health professionals on board

While the hygiene kit contains a mask, disinfectant and antiseptic tissue, the cabin crew will now include hygiene experts to deliver these supplies. In addition, they will ensure that precautionary measures are being followed.

The carrier said in a statement that these health inspectors would “solely focus on the enforcement of all on-board hygiene and social distancing measures for the healthy travel of passengers.”

In accordance, mask wearing is mandatory inflight except during food and beverage service, in which the removal of masks would be progressively done on a passanger-by-passenger basis.

Turkish Airlines CEO M. Ilker Ayci has already said that he expects this implementation not only ensures a healthy and safe travel experience for travelers and staff but also helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed as they embark on their trips.

Detailed “Guidelines for Safe Travel”

Apart from the desinfecting and distancing measures, the carrier released how the accurate processes related with permanence at airports, boarding the aircraft, being on-board the flight, and disembarking at the destination should be.

Before flying, online check-ins will be implemented and luggage registering will be done masks on. At airports, all the precautionary measures regarding social distancing at check points, including constant hands twashing, are mandatory.

Temperature checks, small groups calls to board, and physical distancing while boarding the aircraft will be the new normal.

As part of the onboard services, headphones and blankets will be individually provided (except pillows) while personal items of 40x30x15 cm and under 4 Kg will be allowed during flights.

Special features like hand sanitizers and a “Companion” application with COVID-19 information will be now available for travelers.

Some differences in the provided services rely on the duration of the flight. For example, meals will be served following new hygiene rules such as the handling of only packaged and single use products on shorter routes.

After landing

During the disembarking process, social distancing measures will be implemented through lines of 10 people with 2-minute waiting intervals. In addition, at airports, the baggage claim will be more controled to reduce physical contact.

After each flight, TK already has established that all contact points in the aircraft were tobeb disinfected by special teams with scientifically proven chemicals.

In the new guidelines this procedure is specified as fogging, a two-stage special disinfection upon its arrival at hub.

While border restrictions remain in effect in some territories, the Turkish carrier is taking all the necessary measures resume flying in a very different world, let alone commercial aviation industry.