MIAMI – Today at 11:26 local time, a Trigana Air (IL) Boeing 737-400F skidded off the runway at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport (HLP).

The aircraft, registered as PK-YSF, was operating a cargo flight from HLP, Indonesia, to Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (UPG).

Conflicting Information

The reasons of the incident are somehow conflicting according to sources. indicated that the aircraft interrupted its climb after the crew became aware of a main landing gear problem requiring a return to HLP and an emergency landing.

The aircraft landed and suffered what appears to be a right-hand main gear collapse, exited the runway on the right side, and came to rest on its belly on the grass. Aviation Safety Network (ASN) gives a different description of the incident, indicating that the aircraft suffered an engine issue that required a return to the departure airport and an emergency landing.

On its part, concurs with ASN indicating engine problem as the primary cause of the incident. This source also indicates that the frame has been written off

However, both sources indicate that the aircraft sustained substantial damage. From photos of the aircraft resting on its belly, it can be noticed that the engines, wing, the underside of the fuselage, and landing gear suffered extensive damage. No fire ensued nor victims were recorded, the four crew members exited the aircraft unharmed.

An Aircraft With a Long History

The aircraft involved in the incident was 32.4 years old and started its career in December 1988 with Asiana Airlines thru a lease from GECAS, which was then operated by Batavia Air and entered IL fleet in 2013.

According to, PK-YSF is the number 13th airframe that Trigana Air Service has written off and the third Boeing 737 in the series.

Featured image: Gerry Soejatman via Twitter – @GerryS