MIAMI – After launching four new European routes last week, Transavia France (TO) has further announced a significant route expansion, with the opening of eight new routes and the extension of seven winter seasonal routes for summer 2022.

According to French aviation news outlet, the airline also plans to grow its fleet, as 11 new Boeing 737s are expected to join TO by next summer. 

Transavia France is the french part of Transavia (HV), the low-cost subsidiary of Air France-KLM. The airline is mainly based in Paris-Orly airport, with small bases in other french cities. The low-cost airline has a uniform fleet of almost 50 Boeing 737-800 with 189 seats each. It is currently going through a major expansion, as Air France (AF) sees a huge potential in its low-cost airline.

Last week, TO inaugurated four new European routes last week, mainly to major European cities. The airline started the new routes opening with Stockholm last Thursday. The airline will fly to the Swedish city three times weekly, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. 

Paris-Rome flight deck celebration. Photo: Transavia

Growth amid Stiff Competition

On the next day, two other European capital cities followed, with new routes to Berlin and Rome. The German city and the Italian hub will be served by the french low-cost three or four times weekly. The route from Paris to Rome is a very competitive one, as there are direct flights between the two cities with AF, ITA Airways (AZ), Vueling (VY), and Ryanair (FR).

Finally, the last route, to Kraków, opened yesterday. The Polish city will be served twice weekly, on Thursdays and Sundays. This destination is also served by easyJet (EC) and AF. With all these openings, Transavia is growing its network to European capital cities, as a new type of destinations, alongside the traditional sunny destinations, in Spain, Morocco, or Portugal for example.

Transavia also announced eight new destinations at its Paris-Orly (ORY) base for summer 2022. Starting at the end of March, the airline will be flying from ORY to Skiathos, Podgorica, La Palma, Bilbao, Ponta Delgada (Azores), Yerevan, Glasgow, and Ljubljana.

Paris-Orly is the major base for Transavia France. Photo: Tony Bordelais/Airways

Winter-Summer Routes, Fleet Details

Alongside all these new routes, seven other routes from the winter season will be kept during the summer. It is the case of the destinations launched last week, to Stockholm, Berlin, Rome, and Kraków, as well as Amman and Montpellier (France). The last route is from the Montpellier base to Oujda in Tunisia.

As the Paris to Montpellier route shows, Transavia France has entered the french domestic market recently. It is flying from Paris to Biarritz, Brest, Toulon and Montpellier. It is also flying domestic routes from Brest and Nantes to the Mediterranean French coast and the French island of Corsica.

The carrier’s presence in the domestic market has only started recently as the airline is to replace AF on some of its domestic routes from ORY, and it is trying to compete with Volotea (V7) or EC, which have a strong presence in the French domestic market.

Finally, the airline also announced it will be growing its fleet for the next summer, with 11 Boeing 737-800 of 189 seats. The number of aircraft in its fleet will go from 50 to 61, which represents a 22% growth.

Nicolas Hénin, the deputy General Director for Sales and Marketing at TO, said, “We are really happy to open today the reservations for the summer 2022 season. We want to offer always more possibilities of travel at reasonable prices, with always the same quality of service.”

“This growth of our offer, combined with the move from 50 to 61 aircraft for next summer is included in our growth from our bases a Paris-Orly and the french regions. Our passengers can already plan their trips and discover France, Europe, and even further destinations.”

<Transavia operates a fleet of 50 Boeing 737-800. Photo: John Leivaditis/Airways