MIAMI — French Polynesian airline, Air Tahiti Nui, has finally revealed the new livery and cabin product that will be introduced with the arrival of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

According to the airline, the new “Tahitian Dreamliner” will start operations in November 2018 on its first services between Tahiti and Auckland, New Zealand, and thrice-weekly to Los Angeles.

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Back in 2015, Air Tahiti Nui placed the order for four 787-9 plane, with two firm orders and the lease of two additional aircraft through Air Lease Corporation (ALC).

“Our Dreamliner fleet begins a new chapter in our proud history of connecting Tahiti to the world,” said Nicholas Panza, Vice President of The Americas at Air Tahiti Nui.

“We’ve selected what we believe to be the best aircraft flying the skies, and we’ve made it uniquely Tahitian from our new livery to our cabin design,” he said.

Panza admits that the airline’s decision to choose the Dreamliner “aligns with our core value of creating exceptional and heartfelt experiences that help build a positive and sustainable future.”

A Very Tahitian Livery

The Tahitian Dreamliner shares a visual story about the island and its people, highlighting its national flower, the Tahitian gardenia, or Tiaré, encircled by ripples on the water.

The design will exhibit two bright red lines on both sides of the plane, representing the flag of Tahiti—a symbol of the 118 islands of French Polynesia.

Then, the three shades of blue, draw inspiration from the ocean, the lagoon, and the skies over Tahiti.

A collection of native tattoos are also adorning the rear portion of the fuselage.

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The livery also displays flocks of birds, that, according to the airline, represent friendship as well as helping others.

The airline explains that the manta ray that’s visible denotes wisdom, protection, and elegance; a whale that expresses abundance and strength; a seagull that symbolizes freedom and the ability to rise above to gain an elevated perspective; a Tiki and Tiki eye that watches over the flights, providing symbolic protection; ocean waves representing home, life and continuity; and fish hooks symbolizing prosperity, abundance and luck.

The Cabin Features

  • The vaulted ceiling stretching upward provides extra space with sidewalls that are more vertical to give guests more shoulder and headroom.
  • The Dreamliner’s cabin layout features a tall, lit entryway that welcomes guests onboard. In addition, the windows of the Tahitian Dreamliner, which can be dimmed electronically with a button, are the largest of any jet.
  • Panasonic’s most advanced entertainment system, connected with its eXconnect satellite broadband, is offered to passengers at every seat whether on the airline’s short and long-haul flights from Los Angeles, Paris, Auckland and Tokyo to Tahiti. Audio video on demand through a multi-touch screen for a more individual experience.
  • High-speed internet will be accessible directly with the in-seat system and via PDA through onboard Wi-Fi.
  • The carrier moves toward a more responsible environmental policy with ecological wheat straw cutlery.
  • Most airplanes are pressurized to a typical cabin altitude of 6,500 to 7,000 feet, a stronger composite fuselage means the 787 can be pressurized to 6,000 feet, which studies have demonstrated is significantly more comfortable.
  • Also, the cabin delivers a higher humidity level than in other airplanes, in order to reduce symptoms of dryness and improve passenger comfort, while the air goes through an innovative purification method known as gaseous filtration.
  • Last but not least, the Dreamliner generates a 60 percent smaller sound footprint than that of the airplanes it replaces.

The Cabin Configuration

The new Air Tahiti Nui Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet will accommodate up to 294 passengers onboard on three different classes, consisting of Poerava Business, Moana Premium, and Moana Economy.

  • Poerava Business: offers a total of 30 seats configured in five rows on a six-abreast (2-2-2) arrangement. This business class cabin has been enhanced with the introduction of a 180-degree full-flat seat with wider storage areas, designed by Rockwell Collins. A personal lighting and privacy divider are available too.

  • Moana Premium: the first premium economy product for Air Tahiti Nui. It seats 32 passengers, configured in five rows on a seven-abreast (2-3-2) arrangement. The Z535 seat provided by ZODIAC Aerospace features a unique recline motion that cradles the passenger while optimizing living space.

  • Moana Economy: The two Moana Economy class cabins feature a total of 232 seats, enhanced for long-haul flights by ZODIAC Aerospace. The Z300’s articulating seat pan are placed on a nine-abreast (3-3-3) configuration.

The introduction of the Dreamliner to Air Tahiti’s fleet coincides with the retirement of the airline’s aging A340-300 aircraft.

Phasing out of the Airbus planes should be completed by September 2019, according to the airline.