PHOTO: Arnoud Raeven.

MIAMI — The oldest airline in the world, KLM revealed a nostalgic end to its 97-year alliance with Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker, which has been bankrupt for more than 20 years.

Made for Fans

It’s no accident that the last commercial Fokker flight will depart from London. On September 15, 1920, the very first commercial flight with a Fokker II took off to London. And on October 28, 2017, the arrival of the final Fokker 70 from London will complete the circle.

KLM will be heavily covering the departing Fokkers on social media in the run up to October 28. Moreover, fans interested in experiencing the final Fokker flights can book seats via Due to popular demand, KLM has published the ending flight schedule for its Fokker 70s.

DUS – Düsseldorf KL1862 arrival Amsterdam 19.05 hrs*

NWI- Norwich KL1512 arrival Amsterdam 19.15 hrs*

HAJ – Hannover KL1912 arrival Amsterdam 19.15 hrs*

BRU – Brussel KL1732 arrival Amsterdam 19.15 hrs*

LUX – Luxembourg KL1746 arrival Amsterdam 19.35 hrs*

LHR – London KL1070 arrival Amsterdam 20.30 hrs*

*Local time

From Fokker’s to EJets

In 2008, KLM’s regional arm, KLM Cityhopper, began replacing its Fokker fleet with new Embraer E190 and Embraer E175 EJets. These aircraft offered lower fuel and maintenance costs, better flight reliability, and increased range. Today, Cityhopper’s fleet consists of 40 EJets in all.

The end of an era in Dutch Aviation

In 1912, Fokker started its operations in Schwerin, Germany. Seven years later, in 1919, they moved to the Netherlands and between the 1920s and 1930s had an astonishing manufacturer performance. However, as financial issues emerged through the years, Fokker went bankrupt in 1996 and sold its operations to competitors.

Furthermore, KLM announced that they were no longer using Fokker 50 aircraft and Fokker 100 Jets, in 2008.

The Dutch manufacturer made 48 Fokker 70 aircraft and eight of them belong to KLM Cityhopper, which are the ones to be retired.