MIAMI – Thales, the international defense, security, and aerospace company, invited Airways today to a sneak preview of its next-generation in-flight entertainment (IFE) system.

The AVANT IFE will offer passengers the sleek, Optiq-branded in-seat smart cinematic-quality display screens that allow travelers the option of pairing multiple devices to the display through a Bluetooth connection. The new 4K UHD display, developed via a partnership with Samsung, is capable of producing over one billion colors, up from 16 million in the company’s previous offering.

The technology also offers a more efficient power management system for recharging passenger devices. And it will offer up a new line of digital service apps for convenient shopping and other in-flight services.

The AVANT IFE. Image: Thales Aerospace

Designed for Passengers

In addition to delivering a large mix of “pre-loaded” entertainment and shopping, the AVANT system will also be able to connect two devices (say headphones and a gaming device) via Bluetooth, as well as up to six devices by USB-C.

The passenger experience will also be enhanced thanks to an improved low-glare 4K UHD screen with a thinner profile that provides more space in the seating area. Also, and improved scratch resistance keeps the screen looking good for a longer time.

Airlines will benefit from a 30% reduction in weight versus Thales’ previous systems. A significant portion of that loss comes from the use of a polycarbonate screen that is equal in transparency to glass, and the use of lighter-weight materials in the harnessing architecture.

Thales’s “touchless” solutions allow passengers to safely control the inflight entertainment system with their mobile phones for a full, safe IFE experience.

The system offers easier installation and quick, over-the-air updates of content. This, in turn, allows a continual renewal of entertainment options – rather than the standard monthly updates. The AVANT system also uses significantly less power.
The AVANT IFE system will be available to customers in early 2022 and the company is looking forward to seeing the system in the air by Q1 2023. Today, More than 30 leading airlines worldwide are equipped with the AVANT IFE system.

Featured image: Thales Aerospace