MIAMI – Thai Airways (TG) has put both its Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 fleets for sale amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Listed online just like two French government Airbus A340s, 10 Boeing 747-400s and two Airbus A380-800s are on the offering.

Delivered between 1993 and 2003, the entirety of the TG Boeing 747-400 fleet is available. Delivered in 2013, thankfully only two of the six Airbus A380-800s at the airline are available for sale.

Thai Airways Airbus A380-800 Photo: By Mark Harkin – HS-TUF, CC BY 2.0,

A Reorganizing Airline

TG as of late is best described as a reorganizing airlines, following permission given in September.

The woes are mostly due to the slump in passenger demand resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, exposing any potential financial weaknesses at the airline.

Unfortunately, as a part of the reorganization, the Thai people will lose the historic Boeing 747-400, but as of now four Airbus A380-800 aircraft and the airline will survive.

Featured image: Thai Airways Boeing 747 aircraft. Photo: Julian Herzog.