MIAMI – One of Thai Airways’ (TG) three new Boeing 777-300ERs has been spotted sporting the airline’s colors at Boeing’s facility in Everett.

The Points Guy shared a tweet unveiling the first of the three ordered Boeing 777 with production line number 1683 HS-TTA painted with the brand-new colors. A day before the post, BOE Family Flight reported that the aircraft was seen at the plant.

After the livery update, the aircraft taxi and undergo RTO (rejected take-off) checks. On this, Simple Flying mentioned that these checks have not been listed.

While Boeing needs to carry out at least two test flights, there is no date confirmed regarding the aircraft’s delivery. As TG ordered the aircraft via BOC Aviation in 2018, the manufacturer has been prepping the delivery far in advance.

As Boeing registers line numbers according to family of aircraft, HS-TTA would be the first of the series that continues with HS-TTB and HS-TTC.

The front end view of a Boeing 777-300ER destined for Thai Airways about three-quarters away through final assembly, 2013. Photo: Airways staff.

Financial Issues throughout 2020

In lieu of the triple seven delivery, TG has been facing some major financial issues that have worsened due to the pandemic crisis.

In May, the carrier sought to begin a rehabilitation plan, which was finally approved four months later under a business restructuring process. In the meantime, the airline has not resumed flights since early 2020 given Thailand’s travel restrictions.

Last month, TG announced it would sell 34 aircraft to improve its liquidity. Interestingly, 12 of these include Boeing 777-200 and Boeing 777-300. With its whole fleet grounded and its push to get rid of planes, TG is still fighting to stay afloat.

Featured photo: Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER, HS-TKO. Photo: Masakatsu Ukon.