LONDON – Air France and British Airways have both announced in the past few days that they will be suspending flights to Tehran next month.

Both carriers have said that the route suspensions are due to low profitability, although British Airways has said that it is unrelated to President Donald Trump’s implementation of new sanctions on Iran.

Air France ran the connections to Tehran via LCC Joon. The airline has said that the last flight will run on September 18, with British Airways just over the channel due to suspend the route by September 22. 

Both operators are in the process of talking with customers offering rebooking options or full refunds, depending on preference. 

KLM, which is also in the same group as Air France said that they too would be suspending flights to Tehran due to “negative results and financial outlook”.

A report in France24 said that although denied by British Airways, the US reimposition of sanctions by President Trump are causing profits to dip due to low demand, which is prompting many businesses to pull out of the country.

It will be interesting to see how other carriers operating into Tehran will react. 

This appears to be the catalyst of pure withdrawal by other companies, which will play well into American hands to apply more pressure on the Iranians to make a new deal. 

Such sanctions have featured bans on aircraft parts produced in Europe and the US, which forced Tehran-based carrier Iran Air into receiving as many aircraft as possible before they kicked in. 

They received ATR aircraft and Airbus aircraft before the sanctions were implemented. 

Pressure on the Iranians will no doubt be intensifying and should encourage the leadership to make a new nuclear deal so then they can reopen their country up to foreign businesses and ensure profitability.