LONDON – SWISS has today had a significant day of disruption and cancellations in its operations following the grounding of all 29 Airbus A220 aircraft in its fleet.

It is understood that the aircraft will be grounded until urgent engine inspections have taken place on the ground.

Data suggests that six of the -100 variants have been grounded in Zurich, with the other three on the ground at Geneva.

For the -300 variants, 12 are in Zurich, six are in Geneva, one is in Maastricht and one is in Paris Charles de Gaulle.

It is understood that the cancellation of services go into tomorrow, which means that we will not see the aircraft back in the air tonight.

Below are the list of flights that have been cancelled as a result of the aircraft being grounded today.

DateFlight noFlightStatus
Oct 15LX1884 / LX1885Zurich-Bucharest-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 828 / 829Zurich-Hannover-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 970 / 971Zurich-Berlin-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1622 / 1623Zurich-Milano-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 978 / 979Zurich-Berlin-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 424 / 425Zurich-Birmingham-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1058 / 1059Zurich-Hamburg-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 644 / 645Zurich-Paris-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1352 / 1353Zurich-Warsaw-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1076 / 1077Zurich-Frankfurt-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1348 / 1349Zurich-Warsaw-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1086 / 1087Geneva-Frankfurt-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 1074 / 1075Zurich-Frankfurt-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 980 / 981Zurich-Berlin-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1084 / 1085Geneva-Frankfurt-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 1486 / 1487Zurich-Prague-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 528 / 529Geneva-Nice-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 326 / 327Zurich-London-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 356 / 357Geneva-London-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 348 / 349Geneva-London-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 2160 / 2161Geneva-Palma de Mallorca-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 446 / 447Geneva-London-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 1946 / 1947Geneva-Barcelona-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 1126 / 1127Geneva-Munich-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 1822 / 1823Geneva-Athens-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 2200 / 2201Geneva-Marrakesh-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 2092 / 2093Geneva-Lisbon-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 656 / 657Zurich-Paris-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1216 / 1217Zurich-Oslo-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 2048 / 2049Geneva-Madrid-Genevacancelled
Oct 15LX 454 / 455Zurich-London-Zurichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1028Zurich-Dusseldorfcancelled
Oct 15LX 1128Geneva-Munichcancelled
Oct 15LX 1178Zurich-Stuttgartcancelled
Oct 15LX 2030Zurich-Madridcancelled
Oct 15LX 818Zurich-Hannovercancelled
Oct 16LX 348 / 349Geneva-London-Genevacancelled
Oct 16LX 352 / 353Geneva-London-Genevacancelled
Oct 16LX 782 / 783Zurich-Brussels-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 819Hannover-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 978 / 979Zurich-Berlin-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1029Dusseldorf-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1050 / 1051Zurich-Hamburg-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1080Genf-Frankfurtcancelled
Oct 16LX 1100 / 1101Zurich-Munich-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1120Geneva-Munichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1129Munich-Genevacancelled
Oct 16LX 1179Stuttgart-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1188 / 1189Zurich-Nuremberg-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1222 / 1223Zurich-Gothenburg-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1430 / 1431Geneva-Pristina-Genevacancelled
Oct 16LX 1576 / 1577Zurich-Vienna-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 1612 / 1613Zurich-Milano-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 2031Madrid-Zurichcancelled
Oct 16LX 2801Geneva-Zurichcancelled

In a reply to a message made on Twitter by a consumer, the airline said the following, expressing apologies over these cancellations.

“SWISS has decided to conduct engine inspections for its entire C Series fleet. This means that all SWISS C Series aircraft will undergo an extensive examination from today onwards. Only following a faultless inspection will these aircraft be returned to regular flight duties. We apologize for all the inconveniences.”

The airline also confirmed on Twitter that the inspections begun at 1510 local time and will continue as all 29 units will be inspected in the different airports.

The A220s variants are powered with two Pratt & Whitney PW1524G engines, which is the same for both the -100 and -300.

A Much-Needed Grounding?

This grounding was not done lightly.

Today’s engine incident is one of three that have happened between July 2019 and this month alone.

The first incident occurred on July 25 when LX348 between Geneva to London had an uncontained failure on the left side.

LX348 had to divert to Paris as a result, with inspection results stating that the engine post-flight was missing a low-pressure compressor stage one rotor.

The second incident occurred just less than a month ago on September 16, when LX358, operating the same flight as LX348 had to return back to Geneva following a hole in the low-pressure compressor case as well as the stage one rotor pressure compressor also being separated too.

The final incident, which occurred today, came from LX359, again operating to the same destination and origin points, which suffered an engine failure.

It remains clear that there is a pattern in at least two of the three incidents referring to stage one rotor low-pressure compressors.

It is something that the likes of Airbus and Pratt & Whitney will have to come together to discuss a solution for the engine problems.

If a solution is not found, then we could see other carriers potentially choosing to ground its A220s as well. No other carrier has taken this decision as of yet.

Stay tuned to Airways for further updates!