MIAMI – Aeroflot (SU) is handing over all 54 of its Russian Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100 to its subsidiary Rossiya Airlines FV, converting its own fleet to Airbus jets.

Aeroflot Superjet Photo: Dmitry Zherdin

Two Futures for the Airlines

With a specific schedule regarding the aircraft transfer, the core brand led by SU will continue its repositioning to become a five-star airline. Meanwhile subsidiary FV will inherit the short-medium range routes, taking the 54 SSJ100 for such service.

According to the Aeroflot group, FV will receive at least five SU’s SSJ100 by the end of 2020, followed by 44 more in 2021. The group defined 2022 as the deadline for the transfer operation.

Photo: Wiki Commons

Rossiya’s Expansion Will Double Its Fleet

Aeroflot group is considering further boosting FV’s Fleet, taking the airline from having 54 to operating 120 aircraft by the the end of 2021. moreover, the fleet expansion will focus only on the Russian bi-turbine jet, SSJ100.

It is still unclear whether FV will receive the newly built or abandoned SSJ100s. As per the order list of SU, AU is pending 100 SSJ100 deliveries from UAC (United Aircraft Corporation), with the last delivery scheduled for 2026.

Featured image: MChS Rossii Sukhoi Superjet 100 (RA-89067) at Zhukovsky in temporary livery.

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