MIAMI — Spirit Airlines has unveiled its all-new ergonomically-designed seats during the first day of the APEX conference in Los Angeles.

The Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier is introducing a revolutionary product that will present a unique modification for the Airbus A320 Family of aircraft.

The new Spirit Airlines product will feature a wider middle seat, which will add an additional inch of width as compared to the aisle and window seats. Until today, this feature was exclusive to the former Bombardier CSeries, now re-branded as Airbus A220.

The new seats, developed by UK firm Acro Aircraft Seating, have managed to integrate “state-of-the-art design features, thicker padding, better designed lumbar support as well as additional pre-recline.”

Ted Christie, the President and CEO of Spirit Airlines, revealed during the APEX conference that last year, he signed a pledge to look at every facet of the airline’s guest experience and determine where he could improve.

“This investment in our seats and onboard experience is a direct result of that commitment, and it also allows us to enhance our product value while maintaining our industry-leading cost structure,” he said.

Christie added that his team at Spirit Airlines has listened to its guests, and therefore are responding with these new, more comfortable seats.

‘Ditch the Pitch’ Is Spirit’s New Cue

The airline’s CEO also introduced Spirit’s new ‘Ditch the Pitch’ marketing cue, which asks the commercial aviation industry to “rethink the concept of seat pitch—a metric many industry experts and aviation media have called antiquated and misleading.”

The CEO explains that pitch is not necessarily the most important metric that affects passenger comfort. “There are broad differences in seating measurements that more directly affect it,” he says.

“Our research shows that many Guests not only misunderstand the concept of the pitch but strongly believe that comfort derives from usable legroom. Our new seats now offer more usable legroom with their innovative design.”

Seats in the middle of the aircraft will gain an extra inch of width (from 17’’ to 18’’). Also, every seat will gain nearly an inch of pre-recline, as compared to current seating configurations.

The new Spirit product will also be padded with ultra-light-weight foam and made of a composite-based skeleton, used to add comfort without increasing weight.

In terms of legroom, according to Spirit Airlines, a team of ergonomics experts have said that an additional two inches of legroom will be added with these new seats compared to industry-standard flatback seats with the same pitch.

In addition, for the first time since the airline’s foundation, the new seats will feature full-size tray tables as well as an elevated literature pocket.

The seats will be designed with a matte-black color with border stitching in the yellow that is signature to Spirit.

Big Front Seat, Upgraded

As far as the carrier’s Big Front Seats are concerned, a newly updated design will also emerge from this major update.

The much wider and comfortable seats will feature a new “ergonomically-improved headrest with plush memory foam, additional memory foam in the seat cushion for comfort and thigh support, and sleep Spirit-branded aesthetic with yellow and black stitching”, according to the airline.

It is understood that installation will begin in November and will continue throughout 2020 on all new aircraft the carrier welcomes to its fleet.

According to the airline, a new cabin design is also on the works. Spirit Airlines plans to unveil these new design tweaks later in November, which will feature a much modern look-and-feel as well as increased branding throughout the airplane’s cabin.

Overall, this is a tremendous upgrade over the airline’s current no-frills product offering. With the wider middle seat, and the increased legroom boosted by the new slim-line seats, Spirt Airlines’ passengers are up for increased comfort.