LONDON – American Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier, Spirit Airlines, has announced yet another expansion in its US network, this time out of Indianapolis. The carrier is adding three new routes, offering both year-round and seasonal options for its travelers.

The first two routes will both launch on March 14 next year on a year-round daily basis to Orlando and Las Vegas, offering extra connectivity to both the East and West.

The third route will be three times per week seasonal flight to Myrtle Beach that will commence from May 2 next year.

Mario Rodriguez, the airport’s Executive Director stated that “this is more than just a new airline announcement” for the Indy area but a “bridge to many places”.

Matt Klein, Spirit’s VP, and CCO stated its reasoning for expanding out of the Indy area due to its “growing metropolitan area, local food, and craft beer” as well as “family-friendly attractions” catering to all areas of the industry.

This carrier announcement comes following the significant wave of news from the carrier launching services to Austin, Texas, and the Caribbean.

These new routes will also offer enabled connectivity to other destinations across America as well as the Caribbean and the Latin American markets, something that Spirit has been focusing on a lot recently.

The airline is also installing high-speed satellite-based Wi-Fi to its entire fleet, so once more aircraft are retrofitted, customers will be able to enjoy this service more frequently.

Overall, the significant focus that Spirit has placed on the metropolitan area of Indianapolis shows the reflected increase in demand for the carrier’s product, especially as market trends are changing ever more in favor of low-cost carriers.

With newer aircraft also set to be delivered, Spirit can penetrate the market even further through even lower fares through reduced operating costs.

The new aircraft will also enable the carrier to offer more than the 600 daily flights to 70 destinations it operates already.

In all, it will be interesting to see where else Spirit expands into. It seems clear that for Summer 2019, some more announcements may be made before the Christmas break.