DETROIT – This week, at an event in Detroit Spirit Airlines unveiled their new redesigned cabins w/ ergonomically-designed seats for more comfort and leg room, larger tray tables, new carpet and more for an improved aesthetic and modern design. 

The brand new Airbus A320neo registered N920NK was delivered earlier this month is the first aircraft to have the new interior and was shown off to select media inside Spirit’s Detroit hanger.

Of note all future interior conversions should be done at the Detroit facility. 

This latest endeavor is part of Spirit’s promise to invest in the guest by reviewing and improving every facet of the guest experience. 

“This really is a new Spirit,” Lania Rittenhouse, vice president of inflight experience at Spirit, told reporters onboard the first aircraft.

The refreshed interior features updated carpet, new signage and the airlines signature yellow and black color palette throughout the cabin for improved aesthetic and modern look.  

The new designed seats are manufactured by Acro Aircraft Seating and feature ultra-light weight foam and made of a composite skeleton to add comfort without increasing weight.   

The words “usable legroom” was used a lot by Spirit executives to describe the additional two inches legroom compared to industry-standard flatback seats with the same pitch.

The first two rows of the cabin still feature the 2-2 layout Big Front Seats but have been improved and feature new ergonomically headrest with plush memory foam, additional memory foam in the seat cushion for comfort. 

The Big Front Seat still remains one of the biggest values for your buck. Just for reference on my flight from the DET-LGA you can snag one of those comfy Big Front Seats for about $40. 

The rest of the cabin is 3-3 however one minor change could make a big difference.  The middle seat is now 18 inches in width compared to 17 inches for both aisle and window seats.

Gone are the seatback pouches and have been replaced my more efficient literature pockets which have been elevated, saving valuable room for guest knees.

In addition to the changes on the inside there has also been a change on the outside. Gone is the gritty airline title and been replaced by a more streamlined logo. 

The airline plans to have 40 aircraft that are already in the fleet retrofitted and take delivery of another 40+ new A320neos over the next two years. So if you’re flying Spirit look for this new much needed update to the fleet and what should be a better onboard experience.