MIAMI — Fort Lauderdale-based Spirit Airlines will launch an all-new line of communication between its passengers and its customer service representatives.

The ultra-low-cost airline will be launching a new WhatsApp chatting suite where passengers will be able to communicate with the carrier’s English and Spanish reservations department.

“We launched this service to better connect with our Guests, both domestically and abroad, as many have told us that they would rather communicate on a familiar and convenient service like WhatsApp,” said Bobby Schroeter, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Spirit Airlines.

Schroeter added that his team knows WhatsApp “is incredibly popular in the United States, but also in the more than two dozen destinations we serve in the Caribbean and Latin America.”

According to Schroeter, passengers will be able to get through the new communications line travel updates and even add a bag to their reservations before checking in.

Spirit has partnered with LivePerson, a company that offers conversational commerce solutions.

“We’re excited to enable this new connection for America’s fastest-growing airline, providing a powerful, engaging way for Guests to connect with Spirit on their own time,” said Rick Winnard, Global Head of Gainshare Programs at LivePerson.

“Guests want to be able to ask questions, add products, and get immediate help without waiting, and with Spirit, we’re making it possible for them to do so in the messaging channels they prefer.”

It is unclear how rapid the response be when a passenger tries to reach out to the airline via the new WhatsApp solution. However, not needing to dial in and enter into hold until a live person picks up the phone is certainly a tremendous upgrade over today’s common customer service lines.