PHOTO: Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines (WN), the largest Boeing 737 MAX customer and one of the world’s most affected carriers by the grounding of the type, has “proactively” removed the airplane from its flight schedule through Aug. 10.

WN had 34 737 MAX 8 aircraft operating when last year’s grounding of the airplanes came into effect, pairing-down its stock prices in the process. Still, there are 27 MAX 8 aircraft designated for the carrier currently in Boeing’s hangers awaiting delivery. 

The airline stated, “By proactively removing the MAX from scheduled service, we can reduce last-minute flight cancellations and unexpected disruptions to our customers’ travel plans.”

Dropping 20 nonstop routes due to MAX absence

Last month, WN started to exclude from its schedule what they called “weaker-than-expected” nonstop services, axing 20 nonstop routes from its network to re-shuffle its fleet and accommodate it on higher-demand destinations.

In addition to the current removal of the MAX from its schedule, the carrier will also remove 371-weekday flights out of its total peak-day scheduled of 4000 plus daily flights.

WN and its customers can only wait for Boeing to make the expected enhancements that will again allow the MAX to be certified by the AA and thus reenter service.

Article written by Helwing Villamizar