MIAMI – After announcing the launch of service to Miami and Palm Springs, Southwest Airlines (WN) has confirmed the routes to those destinations.

Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Watterson says, “Southwest is stretching into new places to provide for two needs…Desired options for our customers who seek snow or sunk, and wide-open spaces.”

Boeing 737-800 holding on the north runway after landing at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Photo: formulanone.

Miami Routes

Southwest had a history of not serving South Florida’s main airport, opting for the smaller Fort Lauderdale (FLL) as it does in lots of metro areas, doing maintenance at Miami (MIA) instead. Now, WN will serve a number of routes to airports already with a large Southwest presence.

DestinationStart DateFrequency
Baltimore (BWI)Nov. 15Up To 4x Daily
Chicago (MDW)Nov. 151x Daily
Houston (HOU)Nov. 15Up To 4x Daily
Tampa (TPA)Nov. 15Up To 3x Daily
Photo: Luca FLores

Palm Springs Routes

Eager to expand on its already large west coast presence and to add a resort location to its list of destinations, WN will service Palm Springs from three cities, whose airports are dominated by WN traffic.

DestinationStart DateFrequency
Denver (DEN)Nov. 151x Daily
Oakland (OAK)Nov. 15Up To 2x Daily
Phoenix (PHX)Nov. 15Up To 3x Daily
A Southwest 737-800 departing from Portland (PDX) Photo: Luca Flores

New Colorado Destinations

In its press release today, WN also announced new routes to resort ski destinations Montrose (MTJ) and Hayden(HDN). These flights will operate for the winter season, from December 19 to April 5. WN will fly to from two destinations to each city, Denver and Dallas. The frequencies will mirror each other, with Dallas service once a day on weekends and Denver flights up to three times daily.

Even though WN is flying a reduced schedule thanks to the pandemic, the airline is sure it has found niches where there is such a demand for travel that it can limit the damage caused by overall demand being at such a low point.

Featured image: Luca FLores