SmartLynx Airbus A321F. Photo: SmartLynx

LONDON – SmartLynx (6Y) continues to assist in the battle against COVID-19, delivering vaccines efficiently and safely to where they are required after almost a year, according to a company press release. The carrier has been on the front lines of the pandemic since its start.

The airline has made the requisite Zero LOPA modifications on two of the fleet’s Airbus A321 units, which have a volume capacity of 115m3 and a maximum cargo weight of 22,000 kg, to meet those unique needs, as well as the increasing demand for cargo capacity.

Vaccines loaded on board in China. Video: SmartLynx

Increased Vaccine Transport

According to the carrier, specially configured freighter units are used to get medicines to where they’re needed the most.

SmartLynx successfully shipped a consignment of vaccines from their point of origin in China to their final destination in Guinea, Western Africa, in the last week, meeting all of the official authority’s requirements.

A321 with Covid-19 vaccines on board. Photo: SmartLynx

Statement from SmartLynx

“There can be no doubt that cargo is the latest and presently most significant market path showing growth across the aviation industry,” says Aleksandrs Gusevs, 6Y’s VP Commercial.

While many businesses are “sowing the seeds that will ultimately serve future needs,” Gusevs said that 6Y is already proud of its position in supporting global efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is only possible because of 6Y’s unified teamwork, which helps them to react quickly to the demands placed on them and take the required steps to achieve their objectives.”

Featured image: SmartLynx Airbus A321F. Photo: SmartLynx