MIAMI – SKY Express (GQ) has become a major Airbus customer with a firm order for four A320neo aircraft. The Greek airline recently leased two A320neo from ACG Aviation Capital Group, joining the global list of 430 Airbus operators on that occasion. According to eturbonews.com, GQ chose the CFM-International ‘s Leap-1A engines to power its aircraft.

The A320neo Family combines the latest developments in aircraft technology, including new-generation engines and Sharklets. Additionally, it boasts the largest single-aisle cabin in the industry. These features offer 20% reduced fuel burn and 50% less noise compared to previous-generation aircraft.

By the end of September 2020, the A320neo family had received 7,450 orders from more than 110 customers worldwide.

PHOTO: Airbus.

Comments from SKY Express and Airbus

The οwner of SKY Express and Head of IOGR Group of Companies, Mr. Ioannis Grylos, said, “Our cooperation with Airbus, through the acquisition of six brand new Α320neo aircraft, meets our ambition to modernize our fleet and have our company transition to a new era.”

Grylos added, “The combination of the most advanced technology along with the fuel efficiency that this type of aircraft offers are elements that perfectly match the business planning of SKY express for a contemporary fleet that respects the environment and offers safe and quality services to its passengers.”

On his part, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer Christian Scherer said, “It is good news that SKY Express has chosen the A320neo to expand its operations and destinations to an international European network.”

“This is a bold step for the development of the airline and we are proud to contribute to that with the A320neo allowing for the best performance in terms of fuel burn, carbon emissions, and noise as well as featuring a benchmark cabin.”

Featured image: Airbus A320neo. Photo: Don-vip