MIAMI – Italian-based charter airline Sky Alps (A6) has received its second Dash-8 aircraft from Maltese airline private aircraft carrier Luxwing.

Sky Alps is based out of the Italian city of Bolzano (BZO) that operates two turboprop aircraft to Dusseldorf (DUS) and Berlin (BER) in Germany, Olbia (OLB) and Ibiza (IBZ) in Spain and other Italian cities.

The latest addition to the fleet is a 12.5-year-old Dash-8 (9H-EVA) and the first was a 12.8-year-old Dash-8 (9H-BEL) also from Malta-based Luxwing which was delivered last month.

The airline says the aircraft can carry up to 78 passengers, and its technical characteristics make it an excellent choice for landing at BZO. The Q in the plane’s name refers to ‘quiet’, meaning the Dash-8 is equipped with a sophisticated mechanism to reduce noise and vibration in the passenger compartment.

Approaching BZO. Photo: Sky Alps

A Small, Agile Airline

This two-plane charter airline is based in Bolzano, in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy’s province of South Tyrol. BZO, also known as Flughafen Bozen or Aeroporto di Bolzano, is located 5.1 kilometers south of downtown Bolzano.

BZO features only four check-in counters, two gates, and one luggage conveyor belt. Given the small airport and fleet of two aircraft, A6 is poised for swift and pragmatic operations. As the airline states on its website, it is “Small, fast and efficient. The [Dash-8 is the] perfect plane for landing in Bolzano.”

Featured image: Sky Alps Dash-8. Photo: Sky Alps via Facebook