MIAMI — After a five-year wait, Chilean low-cost carrier SKY Air has been granted authorization to begin flying to Brazil and carries on with plans to enter the domestic Peruvian market.

SKY will become the first foreign LCC to operate international flights to/from Brazil, launching flights between Santiago and Rio de Janeiro.

The inaugural flight is to take place on November 5, with the carrier’s brand-new Airbus A320neo.

Last month, the carrier took delivery of its first all-new aircraft, an Airbus A320neo (CC-AZV • MSN 8444), on a leasing agreement with ALC. 

Sky is the second largest airline in Chile. In December 2001, the airline was established, with its first flights launched in June 2002.

Photo: Alvaro Romero

The Chilean carrier has a total of four A320neos ordered, becoming the second airline in the region to operate the new-engined version of the A320 family.

Right behind SKY in the queue to obtain permissions to fly into Brazil are Norwegian Air Argentina, and Flybondi, both idling for approval from Brazil’s ANAC.

SKY is considered the second largest airline in Chile. It started operations in December 2001, and in 2015 it became the first LCC in South America.

The airline is expected to have four Airbus A320neos before the end of 2018. 

Currently, Sky Airline covers 14 destinations in Chile and offers international services to Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Opening Peruvian Operations

Last Thursday, October 4, SKY launched its first international flight between the Chilean capital and Lima, Peru.

Recently, José Raul Vargas, former Service Director of Latam Airlines Peru, and appointed in August as General Manager of SKY, announced that SKY is in the process of obtaining official permits to operate domestic routes in that country.

Vargas says that SKY decided to invest in Peru because of its stability. “We saw the growth potential of the Peruvian market, the number of flights per capita and the characteristics of the industry. We noticed stable economic projections that encouraged us”.

“Our model is to offer very cheap rates; lower by at least 40% of the prices that are currently available in the market.”

Vargas said that SKY aims to become the second most important operator in the market, with a 15% market share in Peru.

The airline is to go through the most significant investment in its 16-year history, which will upgrade its fleet to all-A320neo.

SKY Finance Director, José Ignacio Dougnac, confirmed that the airline plans to bring its fleet of brand-new A320neos into Peru, where a 100% LCC operation will change the way people fly in that country.

The airline intends to offer flights to Cusco, Piura, Trujillo, and Tarapoto.

Story co-written by Genesis Suarez