MIAMI — According to a report published by The Straits Times, Singapore Airlines is considering launching a new, non-stop flight to Seattle next year.

The carrier has not confirmed these allegations, which would open the airline’s fourth nonstop destination in the United States, following Newark, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

However, the likelihood of it happening is higher than ever before, now that the airline is set to receive more Airbus A350-900ULRs (it has seven planes ordered).

Last week, the airline re-launched the world’s longest non-stop flight, between Singapore and Newark.

The route to Seattle, however, is nowhere near in length as the journey to Newark. Flying nonstop to Seattle would put the total range at roughly 8,000 miles, whereas the trip to Newark spans at 9,500 miles.

Singapore Airlines might consider, in fact, using its regular A350-900s with which flies to San Francisco, nonstop.

The airline will also launch nonstop flights to Los Angeles next week, on November 2, with the A350-900ULR.

Opening up the new route to Seattle would enable Singapore Airlines to bolster its current partnership with Alaska Airlines, opening up opportunities for connections to its tremendous domestic and Canadian network.