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LONDON – Singapore Airlines (SQ) will be the first airline in the world to test the IATA Travel Pass mobile application’s digital health authentication, beginning with passengers flying from Singapore to London between March 15 and March 28, 2021.

This project is the second step of the airline’s digital health check process experimentation, which is focused on the IATA Travel System Pass.

The company invites passengers with Apple’s iOS operating system to download the IATA Travel Pass app and establish a digital identity. The app is currently only available for this operating system. In addition, other airlines have started using the IATA travel pass app, including Qatar Airways (QR).

Singapore Airlines 9V-SKQ Airbus A380-841. Photo: Tony Bordealis/Airways

How Does It Work

Passengers will be able to schedule their COVID-19 test through a dedicated online portal prior to departure at one of the seven Singapore clinics participating in the program.

They will be able to register with the clinic using the app’s ID and flight details and will be able to display test results as well as the confirmation status to fly directly on the app. IATA’s Timatic registry will include back-end information on COVID-19 testing and admission.

Prior to flight departure, attendees must show Changi Airport check-in agents their confirmed status in the app.

According to the company, they would also need to bring a physical copy of the certificate of health care provided by the clinic where the Covid-19 test was performed, in order to comply with current regulatory requirements.

Singapore Airlines 9V-SWD Boeing 777-312(ER). Photo: Tony Bordealis/Airways

Statement from Singapore Airlines

If good, the company claims that this pilot project would pave the way for the entire digital health check process to be integrated into SingaporeAir’s mobile app by mid-2021, using the IATA facility Travel Pass once more.

The first phase of research, according to JoAnn Tan, SQ Acting Senior Vice President Marketing Planning, aided SQ’s dedication to a secure and convenient industry standard for checking test results Covid-19 and the state of health of passengers, including their vaccination status in the future.

Photo: Luca Flores

Statement from IATA

IATA’s Senior Vice President Airport, Passenger, Cargo, and Security, Nick Careen, stated that their collaboration with SQ would help fly the world for the first time, as the IATA Travel Pass will be fully implemented for the first time.

It’s, for the time being, the solution provided to travelers for managing and protecting their travel health credentials safely and securely.

In the long run, the IATA Travel Pass’ digital identification elements would bring SQ passengers in front of the line for a more beneficial contactless travel experience.

Featured image: Ervin Eslami/Airways