MIAMI – In recent images that appeared on social media, one of the two Las Vegas Sands Boeing 747SPs can be seen badly damaged in a hangar. While the accident is reported to have occurred at the Marana airport (AVW), northwest of Tucson, Arizona, the airline is based at Las Vegas McCarran International (LAS).

Both of the Las Vegas Sands Boeing 747SPs are currently over 41 years old and, according to the latest data, are active. Although, the VP-BLK (originally delivered to TWA in 1980) has been parked since September this year and the VQ-BMS (originally delivered to PanAm in 1979) has been parked since August of this year.

Boeing_747SP pair ‘VQ-BMS’ and ‘VP-BLK’. Photo: Wiki Commons

China-based Aircraft Undergoing Reviews

Many air operators have taken advantage of the forced stoppage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out maintenance and revisions on their aircraft.

According to the latest available data found by, these two aircraft would have been based in Asia for the movements of the company’s leadership in the Asian continent. In fact, the VP-BLK underwent an in-depth overhaul in 2015 before leaving for China.

The news outlet thinks that this damaged unit could be the VQ-BMS and that the damage occurred at AVW where both SPs were passing their reviews. The accident could have been caused in the hangar located west of the airport, near runway 12/30, the news outlet says.

Possible Causes of the Accident

As seen in the photographs, the aircraft suffered damage that occured during the hurricane laura and not during maitenance, as the news outlet implies.

During the storm, the plane hit the wing of another plane. Also, the aircraft’s right wing collided with one of the hangar pillars, resulting in the breakage of the wingtip. There were no reports of other aircraft damaged.

Damaged right wing. Photo:

Featured image: Las Vegas Sands Boeing 747SP Manteufel. Photo: Wiki Commons