MIAMI – SAS announced today that it will halt almost all traffic and reduce staff by almost 90% effective March 16th due to the extreme drop in demand and the measures taken by the governments of Scandinavia.   

This decision comes one day after the Danish government decided to close its borders to foreigners and travellers without essencial travel purpose to the country.  

SAS will continue flights within the next couple days to allow citizens to return to their homes while they can; it will also continue operating a few domestic flights to protect the Danish infrastructure. 

SAS currently operates a fleet of 158 aircraft, comprising 50 of the Airbus A320 family,  and 50 of the Boeing 737 family. The airline has 3 aircraft on order. 

The aviation industry continues to be severely stifled by the drop in demand for travel and governments around the world locking down travel due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As always, Airways magazine will continue to report breaking news regarding the COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on the aviation industry.