LONDON – Ryanair (FR) considers the use of ‘vaccine passports’, first considered publicly by Qantas’ CEO, irrelevant because it is useless for European flights. Earlier this week, Australia’s largest airline revealed that it was considering mandating the “vaccine passport” in order to fly.

If the idea were successful, some would say common sense would have the passport practice extended to all airlines.

Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS reg. EI-DHT on final at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca – @aviator_ita

Ryanair Say No to the Vaccine Passport

If Qantas (QF) declared that every passenger must have the aforementioned passport, here is the sharp denial by Ryanair (FR).
According to what has been declared, the Irish airline considers the use of this passport irrelevant because it will not work for European flights.

Indeed, Eddie Wilson, Ryanair’s chief executive, said Europe would be a “completely different landscape” next year in comparison to countries that have to consider their own border rules.

The requirements that Qantas wants, according to Mr. Wilson, only work for Australia because the only way to reach the country is via long-haul flights, while in Europe you can move both by train and car with extreme ease.

Eddie Wilson further stated that “With Qantas, they’re a long-haul operator – vaccinations in that context are really for the long-haul.” “With short-haul and freedom of movement of people in Europe… I think we’ll see an entirely different landscape come spring and early summer, not really relevant for short-haul and European travel. In Paris, if you were to choose no vaccination… you’d just get a train instead.”

Featured image: Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS reg. EI-DHS taxing for take off at Naples International Airport (NAP). Photo: Marco Macca – @aviator_ita