Picture from Ryanair.

LONDON — Irish LCC Ryanair says that they had invited FORSA, its Pilots’ Irish syndicate, to sit down on to continue negotiating any date after the planned flight crew strike which took place on Friday, August 3.

On August 2, however, FORSA informed Ryanair that they would not be attending the meeting and that a fifth strike is scheduled to happen on August 10—the 5th strike from 25% of the airlines’ Irish pilots.

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Ryanair also said that the recent strikes from their Irish pilots had had ‘no effect,’ as only 20 of the airline’s scheduled 300 flights to/from Ireland had been canceled.

The airline maintains that the 3,500 affected passengers have gotten compensation in form of refunds or re-accommodation for these canceled flights.

Ryanair’s Chief People Officer, Eddie Wilson, said in a statement that, “given the non-engagement by FORSA, and in particular the manipulation of the discussions by certain Aer Lingus pilots to ensure that no meetings take place and that unsuccessful strikes keep repeating, Ryanair now feels the only way to introduce common sense is by way of third-party mediation.”

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The airline hopes that, through a mediator, an agreement will be reached sooner than by continuing the current direct negotiations.

Ryanair has said that they have already been able to sit down with its pilot unions from the UK, Spain, and Italy, all of which have agreed on the issues that originated the strike actions.

Ryanair believes that, through mediation, the end result will allow them to “grow and maintain a successful airline.”

With no comments from either FORSA and Ryanair on when a meeting will take place, there’s still uncertainty as to the airline’s future schedules.