LONDON – Ryanair (FR) is set to receive its first Boeing 737 MAX 8200 after a two-year delay due to the type’s ban imposed by the FAA and EASA.

Just a week ago, the European Security Agency EASA certified the high-density variant of the Boeing 737 MAX 8, which includes an added safety door in the central section of the fuselage and capacity for up to 200 seats, 11 more compared to the MAX 8’s 189. FR’s MAX will be configured for 197 seats.

Michael O’Leary, FR’s CEO, said, “We’re in the next number of days taking the first delivery of our new 737 Gamechanger aircraft.”

Buzz, Ryanair, Malta Air Boeing 737MAX 8200 Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

Large Order from Ryanair

The Irish carrier, a major operator of the Boeing 737-800NG with a total of 457 and the second largest user of the 737NG after Southwest (WN), which holds the record, has a total order of 210 Boeing 737MAX 8-200.

The last 75 were added on December 3, 2020, when 135 aircraft were already present in the agreement. The first order, signed in 2014, provided for the supply of 100 737 MAXs, which became 110 in 2017 and 135 in 2018.

Finally, the company has repeatedly said it was interested in the larger version, namely the 737 MAX 10, which is not yet been certified by neither EASA nor the FAA. The first 737 MAX 10 has already made its first test flight and is now stationary in Seattle at the Boeing facilities.

Featured image: Test flight for FR’s newest Boeing 737MAX 8200. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways