MIAMI – Ryanair Corporate (FR) has announced in a press release the carrier is looking for 2,000 pilots to crew new aircraft soon to join FR’s fleet.

The press release, issued on July 12, indicates that the carrier has taken delivery of its first Boeing 737-8200 – named the Gamechanger – and is in need of new pilots to staff the 210-strong incoming aircraft fleet, whose arrival will span over the next three years. The investment in the new aircraft is FR’s response to the need for more eco-friendly aircraft that ensure lower CO² emissions.

With the renewal and the increment of its fleet, FR points out the opportunities being offered to either cadets or confirmed pilots in terms of career development. Captains vacancies created by the new aircraft entering duty will be filled by internal First Officers (FO) promotions, thus creating new openings for their replacement.

Ryanair Boeing 737-8200 at Boeing Field. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

Training at Dublin’s Airline Flight Academy

The hiring also addresses cadet pilots, with career openings within FR, as the base to create the future carrier’s Captains and FOs. Their training would be done by the Airline Flight Academy in Dublin, with whom FR has entered into a partnership, to become Boeing 737 pilots. Those interested may find out more information at

"This is great news for experienced and aspiring pilots but also for our own pilots who will enjoy fast-tracked promotions." Darrel Hughes, Ryanair HR Director Click To Tweet

FR Human Resources Director, Darrel Hughes, commented on the proposed hiring by stating: “As we take delivery of more than 210 Boeing 737-8200 gamechanger aircraft, Ryanair will recruit 2,000+ pilots over the next 3 years to fill positions created by this growth.”

Featured image: Ryanair Boeing 737-8200 EI-HAT. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways