LONDON – European low-cost carrier Ryanair has announced that it will add fourteen brand new routes to and from Greece as well as four new routes to Armenia in time for the Summer 2020 schedule.

This means that 147 routes from Greece can be booked by consumers as far out as October 2020.

Commenting on the news was Ryanair’s David O’Brien who emphasised the benefits of these route launches to the Greek economy.

”Ryanair is delighted to launch its Summer 2020 schedule, which includes 14 new summer routes to destinations such as France, Italy, and Germany from Greece. Ryanair’s 147 Summer 2020 routes will deliver 6.6 million customers per annum and support over 4,950 jobs across 13 Greek airports”.

It is understood that the following new routes will be on offer under the Greek expansion.

  • Athens-Barcelona – Thrice weekly.
  • Athens-Madrid – Thrice weekly.
  • Athens-Nuremberg – Twice weekly.
  • Athens-Toulouse – Twice weekly.
  • Chania-Marseille – Twice weekly.
  • Cephalonia-Bologna – Twice weekly.
  • Cephalonia-Frankfurt – Twice weekly.
  • Kalamata-Gdansk – Twice weekly.
  • Kalamata-Milan – Once weekly.
  • Kavala-Bucharest – Once weekly.
  • Rhodes-Prague – Twice weekly.
  • Thessaloniki-Amman – Twice weekly.
  • Thessaloniki-Prague – Twice weekly.
  • Thessaloniki-Bordeaux – Twice weekly.

On the Armenian side, it is understood that 130,000 customers per annum will use Ryanair on these services.

It will deliver over 100 on-site jobs, contributing to job growth into the country as well.

Photo: Adrian Pingstone

Services will commence from January 2020, with the following four routes on the initial portfolio.

  • Yerevan-Milan Bergamo – Twice weekly.
  • Yerevan-Rome Ciampino – Twice weekly.
  • Yerevan-Berlin Schönefeld – Twice weekly (Summer)
  • Gyumri-Memmingen – Twice weekly (Summer).

O’Brien also commented on this news, welcoming Armenia into the network.

“We’re pleased to announce Ryanair’s low fares have arrived at Yerevan and Gyumri, our newest airports and 1st airports in Armenia.”

“These four new routes will further promote Armenian tourism and will deliver over 130,000 customers annually to/from two European countries to one of Europe’s fastest-growing tourism destinations.”

“We look forward to developing new Armenian traffic growth, new routes, and jobs in the coming years.”

Lower Profit Forecasts, MAX Crisis. Ryanair Unaffected?

With Ryanair slowly branching outside of Europe and also moving further afield East, route saturation does not seem to be something bothering the carrier as of late.

Current issues are on the Boeing 737MAX, which is undergoing several delays on delivery due to recertification but also internal and external political factors within Boeing.

Photo: Joe G Walker

It, therefore, remains promising that new routes will be launched, even if the carrier is not receiving as many new aircraft as in recent years.

Even if profit forecasts are dipping for Ryanair, which was last recorded at 1.0-1.1 billion EUR from 1.2 billion EUR, it still remains strong and shows that the carrier has been preparing contingencies for things like this.

The new routes, however, will no doubt generate some extra revenues and profits in certain spots where it could then raise the forecast, or exceed expectations.

Only time will tell how the new routes will perform and whether the load factors themselves reflect that.