LONDON — It is obviously known across the industry that Ryanair and the Trade Unions across Europe don’t easily get on.

This comes following the airline’s more reserved approach to dealing with such trading disputes.

Their approach has subsequently resulted in strike announcements which are aimed at providing as much disruption to the carrier as feasibly possible.

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Their next little attack on the unions was through a Press Briefing Note released to members of the press, with part of the name stating what they achieve to be as “The Facts”, potentially conveying the view that the carrier is not in the wrong and that the trade unions are.

Within this briefing note came a set of information about how the cabin crew are treated in the airline. They are as follows:

  • Ryanair Cabin Crew earn up to 40,000EUR per annum, which Ryanair are saying is more than double the living wage.
  • The crew are placed on a fixed 5-on/3-off roster, which is the equivalent of a bank holiday weekend every week.
  • The crew cannot fly more than 900 hours per annum by law.
  • Cabin crew enjoy rosters that exceed the requirements of EASA rest laws.
  • Cabin Crew receive free training as well as a new joiners allowance of 750EUR and a daily training expense payment of 28EUR.
  • Crew receive an annual allowance of 400EUR after their first year of employment to cover incidental costs such as uniforms, medicals, and IDs.
  • Cabin crew receive paid and unpaid leave as they wish.
  • Cabin crew receive sick pay as standard.
  • Cabin crew are incentivized to sell on board with industry-leading sales bonuses of 10%.
  • Cabin crew are guaranteed a 2-year contract with offers of permanent contract thereafter.
  • Cabin crew receive access to staff travel.

This extensive list seems to be a dismissal of the trade unions’ complaints regarding reasoning over such strike action.

The carrier also said in the note that “Ryanair is already engaged in extensive negotiations with national cabin crew unions across Europe and has already concluded union recognition agreements with IMPACT (UK), Ver.di (Germany) and FIT CISL, ANPAC/ANPAV in Italy.”

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It will be interesting to see how the unions will respond to this, given the dangerous PR strategy that they are taking through this subtle attack.

With strikes already being announced and ongoing, it will be only a matter of time before the Irish LCC will have to backtrack on what they have said and start listening.