DALLAS – Ryanair (FR) has halted flights on seven routes from Ukraine for the month of February amid the ongoing geopolitical turmoil in the region.

Lowcostavia.com.ua reports that flights on Lviv–Bari, Lviv–Palermo, Lviv–Turin, Lviv–Bratislava, Kyiv–Bydgoszcz, Kherson–Krakow, and Kherson–Vienna routes “are canceled from February 1 to 28.”

Ryanair Boeing 737-8200 EI-HAT – Photo : Brandon Farris/Airways

Reduced Winter Schedule

In December 2021, FR cut 17 of its winter scheduled routes during the month of January. Flights were temporarily canceled to Polish and Italian cities. This first suspension of flights is in effect from January 6-10 to January 3.

The haulted winter routes include Kharkiv–Vilnius, Kharkiv–Warsaw, Kharkiv–Krakow, Kharkiv–Poznan, Kharkiv–Budapest, Kharkiv–Milan from January 6 to 31; Kyiv–Bydgoszcz, Kyiv–Malta, Lviv–Bari, Lviv–Palermo, Lviv–Pisa, Lviv–Turin, Lviv–Manchester, Lviv–Bratislava, Odesa–Katowice, Odesa–Bologna, Odesa–Barcelona from January 10 to 31.

Featured image: Ryanair afternoon. Photo: Fabrizio Spicuglia/Airways