(Credits: Fabrizio Berni)

LONDON – Ryanair continues to face embarrassing times after an administration error left 180 passengers without the compensation they were entitled to.

Infuriated passengers have published on social media numerous complaints on the bounced payments. “I think that this is outrageous, the bank said the bank details provided do not exist…how is this possible with a printed cheque?” posted on Twitter a passenger.

Another passenger complained that the bounced cheque cost a penalty fee of €32. “Shame on you, Ryanair,” he Tweeted.

Despite the error, Ryanair has insisted that it has only affected a small number of people, with over 20,000 compensation cheques being sent out at the moment.

When asked for a statement on the issue, a Ryanair spokesperson said that only “a tiny number of cheques (less than 190 out of over 20,000 compensation cheques in July) were posted without a required signatory.”

“These cheques were re-issued last week and we apologize sincerely for this inconvenience which arose out of our desire to issue these compensation cheques quickly to our customers.”

The EU261 compensation is currently set at €250 for flights up to 1,500km in distance and €400 for longer flights.

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority had recently stepped in to advise passengers who had been caught up in the strikes to apply for the compensation they were entitled to.

The compensation claims have come from thousands of passengers who have been disrupted by the pilot and Air Traffic Control strikes around Europe.

Ryanair’s pilots in Germany, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands have been on multiple strikes after the pilots’ unions and Ryanair have failed to agree on new contracts, which would see wages rise and new seniority levels come into the airline.

The current issues seem to be set to continue for a while longer though with neither side backing down and no official release of an agreement being made by either party.

Despite the positive news of the cooperation agreement with Air Malta yesterday, Ryanair is not out of the woods yet with the repercussions of these strikes.