Photo: Airporthaber - Istanbul

MIAMI — A Royal Air Maroc Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner has impacted its right wingtip against the tail of a Turkish Airlines 777-300(ER) at Istanbul-Ataturk International Airport.

The Triple-Seven aircraft suffered significant damage on the lower portion of the APU’s casing, as shown by pictures taken by Airporthaber in Istanbul.

A video shows how the speeding Dreamliner clips its right wing against the 777’s tail, sending debris along the tarmac.

This is the second wing-clipping incident that Turkish Airlines has suffered in less than four months.

Second Incident For Turkish Airlines

In May, an Asiana Airlines Airbus A330-323 sliced the tail of a Turkish Airlines Airbus A321-231.

As reported by Aviation Safety, the A321 had arrived from Ercan as flight TK969 and turned towards the gate, where it stopped about 30 meters before the intended parking position.

At the same time, the Asiana Airbus A330 had initiated its taxiing on its way the runway, intended to depart as Flight OZ552 to Seoul-Incheon.

While taxiing past the A321, the right wingtip impacted the vertical stabilizer of the Airbus A321, knocking over the A321’s tail and the A330’s wingtip.

Even though today’s incident is nowhere near as damaging as with the A321, the 777 will have to go through a thorough inspection and repair before it can be allowed to fly again.