WASHINGHTON —  On Saturday just after noon, Boeing 39 copied taxi clearance and began to make its way to runway 34L to the delight of about a hundred spotters located all around Paine Field. What was so special about Boeing 39? It is the flight number assigned to the all-new Lufthansa retro painted 747-8I.

As I was able to get my first peak at it in person, as phenomenal the pictures that fellow Airways contributor Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren were able to capture of this plane are exceeded by seeing the beauty and heritage that this plane in person.

From the black dot on the nose to the blue cheat line that runs down the side of the aircraft, it truly has to be the best scheme seen so far on the 747-8 other then maybe the red Boeing scheme used during testing. The only disappointment in it would be with how much composite is used in the aircraft and prevents it from having the polished metal underbelly that was seen on the original 747-100’s.

“To me as a passenger who has the opportunity to see or fly aboard a retro livery airliner, it serves as a reminder of the history of the airline and connects you to the legacy of the carrier — it takes it beyond just a flight from point A to B, it almost serves as a bit of a time machine,” said Dennis Glosik who runs the blog Lufthansa Flyer for the airline on his thoughts of the what the retro plane means to him.

Mr Glosik would go on to say, “For Lufthansa, I think having an aircraft painted in a retro-livery is a way for them to pay tribute to their history and share the legacy with their passengers and employees.  In the case of ‘D-ABYT’, it is also a way for Lufthansa to acknowledge the relationship that it has with Boeing and how the partnership has blossomed and thrived over the last 55 years.   A retro livery is a perfect combination of an airline sharing its history while using the most modern aircraft as the canvas.”

In 55 years Lufthansa has operated nearly every Boeing type ever created and continued that when it ordered the 747-8, but as the carrier’s last one on order rolled out of the paint hanger last night D-ABYT and D-ABYU may be the last dance for Lufthansa with the 747 and what a special paint it will wear for its career.

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