LONDON – Qatar Airways has reached a significant milestone in its fleet this week with the delivery of its 250th aircraft.

The aircraft in question was A7-AMI, an Airbus A350-900 that departed from Toulouse inbound to Doha.

This milestone comes after the 22 years that the airline has been in service, which is about 11 aircraft delivered per year on average.

This means the fleet is made up of 203 passenger jets, 25 cargo jets and 22 Qatar Executive jets.

Commenting on this delivery milestone was the airline’s Group CEO, His Excellency Mr Akbar Al Baker who emphasised the rapid expansion of the carrier and more.

“I am extremely proud that we have reached this historic landmark of having a fleet that now numbers 250 aircraft. The delivery of our newest Airbus A350-900 is a mark of the outstanding growth we have seen over the last two decades, and to our commitment to flying only the newest and most technologically advanced aircraft in the world.”

“Qatar Airways is moving forward with the rapid expansion of our global route network, an enhanced on board product offering in all cabin classes and, most importantly, taking delivery of the world’s most technologically advanced aircraft because we want our customers to have an unforgettable experience when they fly with us. This is an important moment in our growth, and I look forward to seeing our fleet grow even more in the coming years.” 

The airline’s relationship with the A350, in particular, has stemmed from 2014, where it was the launch customer of the -900 variant, operating on its Frankfurt services in 2015.

2016 made the carrier the first to fly the aircraft type across three different continents.

2018 saw the airline also become the launch customer for the -1000 variant, which shows that even as it enters the fourth year of operations, the A350 has had a significant effect on the airline.

The A350, in particular on the -1000, was used to launch its new Business Class product, dubbed the “Q-Suite”, which has dazzled the aviation world by storm.

The number 250 is something that keeps appearing with an aiirline like Qatar Airways.

Whilst it is no coincidence, it has a target to serve 250 destinations by 2022. It is currently at over 160 at the moment, with services to the likes of Gothenburg, Mombasa and Da Nang recently added.

It will be interesting to see where else the airline plans to operate to, and how quickly it could hit the 300 aircraft mark.

If the airline wants to expand to 250 destinations by 2022, then it will need more aircraft to service that need.

Al Baker has been toying with the media about prospective aircraft orders at the upcoming Paris Air Show in June so only time will tell what he goes for in the end.