MIAMI – Qatar Airways (QR) CEO Akbar al-Baker in an online conference stated that the 10 Airbus A380 of the airlines will likely not return to service for at least two years.

Akbar al-Baker further stated, “We don’t think we are going to operate our A380s for at least the next couple of years” dashing hopes of the superjumbo aircraft would return to the skies in 2021.

The CEO further stated that rivals operating the A380 amid the pandemic were foolish amid fears that too much seating capacity would drive down prices, QR in a recent earnings report had a loss of QAR7bn.

Photo: Qatar Airways

A Troubled Future

The news from QR follows the retirement of the A380 by Air France (AF) along with groundings of the type by Etihad Airways (EY) and British Airways (BA). A Singapore Airlines (SQ) A380 has even been converted into a “pop-up restaurant”.

With the final A380 having rolled out of the assembly line in September and the first of the type being scrapped last year, the future of the A380, unfortunately, looks bleak. However, Emirates (EK) continues to carry the torch, flying the A380 around the world, hopefully allowing passengers to enjoy the aircraft type for a few more years.

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