MIAMI Article updated July 21 according to news from the BEA. According to ILNA, the black boxes of the Ukraine International Airlines (PS) flight 752 have been sent to France. The BEA stated that the download started on Monday, July 20.

Iran had sent a request to the BEA to have them assist in the download and readout of the black boxes. The boxes were sent with a delegation of civil aiviation and judicial officers.

The BEA has one of the leading laboratories for this type of work, and will be able to conduct any needed repair if needed.

Successful Download

On July 20, the BEA announced that the download of the black boxes was successful. No repair was required and the event itself was included in the download.

The analysis of the data will begin today, July 21, 2020.

A Delayed Start of The Inquiry

The accident, which happened on January 8, 2020, had the factual report released earlier this month. Focus was laid on an air defense unit, and the repositioning process.

The accident itself as well as the download of the black boxes has been heavily affected by the current political state. As the aircraft was a Boeing 737, it would be expected that the NTSB would help in the download. However, as has happened in the past with other accidents, the BEA was chosen for the download instead.

The TSB of Canada has announced that they have also sent investigators to Paris. It is standard to have investigators from multiple involved countries present for the download and especially the first play of the recording. Therefore it is also expected that other countries might also be sending their investigators.

In the announcement on July 20, the BEA stated that the following stakeholders are present in Paris for the data download and processing:

  • NTSB (USA)
  • ICAO
  • AAIB (UK)