MIAMI — Swiss charter airline, Privatair, has filed for insolvency today, becoming yet another airline casualty of 2018.

Launched in 1977 in Switzerland, the airline employs 226 staff in Switzerland, Germany, and Portugal, operating special flights on behalf of Lufthansa, SAS, and British Airways. All these carriers terminated their agreements with Privatair before the carrier went bust.

“It is with great sadness that PrivatAir SA, Switzerland, announces today that it has filed to commence insolvency proceeding in Switzerland. Likewise, its subsidiary PrivatAir GmbH in Germany has also filed for insolvency today,” said the airline in a public statement.

“Over the past few weeks, a number of events have had a significant impact on the companies’ future business forecast and viability, which forced the companies to file for insolvency.”

The airline’s two Boeing 737-700s were configured in an all business class layout, operating premium routes for the aforementioned carriers. Also, Privatair operated a small fleet of Airbus A319s.

“It will remain known as a truly unique company built by amazing people who showed extreme dedication to their work and unmatched service levels, and proved many times that the impossible in aviation could be made possible,” concluded the airline.

Serving a Niche

Lufthansa often operated Privatair’s Boeing 737 aircraft on its Frankfurt to Pune route; however, the German flag carrier subsequently axed the operation and re-launched it with its own Airbus A319s.

Privatair has also operated SAS’s Copenhagen to Boston route, later canceling it and swapping it with the airline’s much bigger Airbus A330-300.

During summer 2018, the aircraft also operated for British Airways on a number of European and UK Domestic flights to provide the airline with additional capacity at London-Gatwick during the busiest time of year. However, the last flight the aircraft operated for British Airways was in the middle of September.

Moreover, Privatair operated a few summer flights on behalf of TUI to provide additional capacity. However, these were subsequently withdrawn and put into storage.