MIAMI – In a press release, American Airlines (AA) subsidiary Piedmont Airlines (PT) announced Eric Morgan as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Salisbury-headquartered regional carrier. Morgan’s predecessor, Lyle Hogg, spent over three decades at US Airways and has been with Piedmont since 2015.

Piedmont Airlines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AA and dominates the eastern US regional markets with a significant presence in New England, New York, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. The airline has been flying under the American Eagle brand since 2013, AA’s name to refer to all its regional subsidiaries. The airline operates an exclusively Embraer E-145 fleet, which seats 50.

An American Eagle E-145 arriving at JFK. Photo: Luca Flores

Eric Morgan’s Career

Morgan started his career at Piedmont 40 years ago when he began working at Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB), and has climbed the tall ladder into an upper management role. He was recently appointed to President earlier this summer. Starting in 1999, he led the Piedmont Ground Handling Team and in 2016 was awarded the contract of training all AA regional ground handling employees.

Hogg is confident that Morgan will do well in his new role, saying in a statement, “Eric has certainly earned this position and is well equipped for his new role. The Piedmont family is looking forward to his continued contributions. In times of industry and financial crisis, Eric has a proven track record of effective leadership. He has put together a superb leadership team that sets up Piedmont for a successful future.

As mentioned, times are tough for regional airlines, but PT is confident that Eric Morgan will no doubt be well suited for his new challenge.

Featured image: American E145 at JFK Photo: Luca Flores