MIAMI — Air travelers say they want more Internet access on flights and said inflight connectivity was the number one area for improvement to the inflight passenger experience, according to a global survey by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).

The first APEX Global Passenger Experience Survey gathered feedback from more than 1,500 flyers from eight countries. The survey found that travelers have a strong desire worldwide for a passenger experience that is customizable, from selection of inflight reading materials to availability of food and drink.

But travelers also feel there needs to be improvement in inflight entertainment and connectivity, with 36 percent of respondents strongly wanting connectivity improvements and 28 percent wanting expanded inflight entertainment options.

Looking at a key pre-flight insight, 62 percent of airline passengers said they bought food prior to boarding the aircraft, according to the survey. However, more than half said that they still purchased inflight snacks or meals. In each case, women were 8 percent and 10 percent more likely than men to have purchased snacks or meals, respectively. And seven out of ten passengers said they are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality and selection in-flight snack or meals.

An inflight insight found that 54 percent of airline passengers surveyed said they engaged in social connectivity, including personal email and social media, while in-flight during the past three months, spending an average of 9.7 minutes per flight. And when it comes to the passenger experience, travelers are increasingly expecting inflight connectivity, including WiFi and satellite telephones. One in three passengers said that it was the area of most needed improvement on their flights.